Data Crunch Time for Baltimore Diners Survey

We spent the summer hearing from you about all kinds of preferences for dining in Baltimore – and for what’s missing in the food scene. With nearly 250 responses from all corners of Charm City, there’s consensus on a lot. And… not so much in other places.

There’s too much Pizza in Baltimore apparently. You are saturated with farm-to-table options, or is it just that this aspect of dining should just be a culinary way of life – rather than shouted from the rooftops of every good eatery in town?

Does it matter if you can bring your own booze? And, why, when it comes down to it, does any of us dine out? Whether you like to cook or not, love great food, or just want an awesome dining experience, the basics still hold true: Service matters. Food matters. But there’s still a lot of nuance that goes into bmore diners’ decisions on where to go when.

So, check back soon. As we crunch numbers on responses and identify trends, we’re keeping one thing in mind – you. While we can draw some conclusions about what’s missing in Baltimore, and where it might be needed, the individual diner is still our main focus. For us, top chefs and all-star reviews are important, but not as much as responding to what you, the diner, is interested in most.

Over the next couple months, we’ll be sharing our findings and working with local food entrepreneurs who can fill some of the gaps and learn from the data you’ve provided. We’ll update you when there is news to share, and in the interim continue to tweak further surveys, announcements, and initiatives to make sure your voice is loudest in this process.

Stay tuned!


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