Karmic Messenger, LLC is a Baltimore-based start-up centered on designing technology tools and delivering niche products and services based specifically on the user. We utilize consumer research and extensive customer input to conceive of and deliver what clients say they are looking for, not just what we think they do.


We don’t know it all, we own that. We’re learning too. We care about making here and now a better place to share each other’s company.

And, through asking different questions (and actually listening to the answers), superb attention to detail, follow through, a bit of mischief and some “oh, hey, that’s just what I needed right now,” we got your back.

Now, tomorrow, a week, or a year from now, know it’s coming… KM delivers.


Joan Kanner, President & Messenger in Chief

Joan’s vision is to build a company that works behind the scenes and emerges when the time is right to fill the gap between action and consequence, and to pay it back by paying it forward.

Among her cred…
Joan has worked directly in the field of survey creation and administration for five years and is passionate about getting it right. As with all things, she brings blazing wit and a quick read of any situation to be a force for process improvement while building dang good morale for all involved in the process.

Among her successes is achieving a 72% response rate on the Co-Worker Conflict Survey. More recently, Joan utilized case study and focus group data to create, revise and administer a survey of grants administration software users to inform training efforts (making them more interesting and effective).

Which relate to…
Moving the needle to change the conversation. Vision plus follow-through.

First up, the Baltimore Diners Survey. Combining survey creation and administration experience with a fierce love of dining and Charm City was inevitable. Who benefits? Um, all of us.

Next up…
A development project, a pop-up, a product line. Animal, vegetable, mineral? Patience, young one.


Michelle Bond, Chief Engagement Officer

Take Don Draper, make him a woman and transport him to now. She’s back from the future and here to help. Michelle has been known to promote anything… that she believes in. That means, people, ideas, values, stuff that makes your life easier.

For fun, she pitches Coke to Pepsi marketing staff which inevitably ends in them conceding “ah, yes, now I understand why it’s called a ‘rum and Coke’ and not a ‘rum and Pepsi!’”

Note the em-phas-is on ENGAGEMENT in her title. She’s not telling you what you want, or trying to sell you something you don’t need. Michelle LISTENS, and tells you when she doesn’t UNDERSTAND. Listens, interprets, repeats, confirms and ACTS.

Now, isn’t that refreshing?

Let’s deliver something together feedback@karmicmessenger.com


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