Karmic Messenger, LLC

Done biding your time? We’re on it.

Our vision is to build a company that works behind the scenes and emerges when the time is right to fill the gap between action and consequence, and to pay it back by paying it forward.



World, meet Fugue.

For months we’ve been teasing you with the development of our biggest project to date. Finally, we’re proud to introduce you to Fugue. World, meet Fugue. Fugue, meet worldFugue_bannerEver wish you could shake that bad memory? Break that music rut? Soon you can. Our mobile app aims to do just that. Put control over music and memory back in your hands by letting you temporarily forget the music you don’t want to hear, bringing you to a new state in the process.

Learn more by visiting the website, and subscribe to be the first to know when she’s available for download.

So many thanks are due to all our testers and supporters thus far. This is just the beginning.

Mobile Apps to Make Your Life Easier

In April we wrapped up three months of user testing on our soon to be released beta app. In the process we learned all kinds of things that confirmed our assumptions and took our concept in expanded directions. The result? A tool that works for you now and in the future, putting you in control of what you listen to, and when.

KM has also been researching new features and functionality that extend into other aspects of your life. Waiting for a restaurant table? Tracking your favorite locations for various services and activities?

Ultimately, we believe that you know best what you want. Not anyone else. Simple, yes. So why is it so difficult to deliver on that idea? We’ve seen lots of obstacle and distractions that make things harder than they need to be, and take you out of the center of the “solution.”

Let’s not focus on problems that don’t exist. We have enough that do. So why not start there?

Testing 1, 2, 3…

May today find you with all of your Valentine’s Day wishes fulfilled. We know that the commercial nature of the day and the social pressure to shower your other with the gifts of love and kindness that should be abundant all year long can leave many feeling ho hum about crafty cupid and his misdirected arrows.

At KM, we have been working2016-01-Life-of-Pix-free-stock-photos-window-circle-cabin-JulienSister.jpg for the better part of two years to bring to life an app that will help put control back into your hands. And, maybe this little bit of knowledge can bring comfort to both the open and broken hearts among us.

This week, we conduct the first pilot test with users to get the kinks out, and see how the concept plays with them. We look forward to learning tons and improving both the process and the app as we go.

With more user testing slated for March, we’re sure that the end result will be something that helps us all breathe a little easier, whether or not cupid reigns supreme.

Happy New Year

Here’s wishing you all the best for the days ahead. Creativity, gratitude and unexpected opportunities to challenge, and be challenged in all things – especially the status quo! We appreciate your interest and support over the last several months, and can’t wait to share what 2016 has to hold with all of you.Holiday-Fireworks-in-the-Inner-harbor-915x515
2015 was quite the year for Karmic Messenger, LLC. We introduced ourselves to the world with the launch of the Baltimore Diner’s Survey in the spring, and Bottoms Up Bagels in the fall. We teamed up with a developer and designer to manifest a long-in-the-works concept that will be unleashed in the next few weeks. All while busting our start up butts in and around Baltimore and meeting so many fine folks in the process!

Stay tuned for updates on these projects and a more over the coming months. We hope that the days of 2016 have been just what you have hoped for, and that of course, that the best is yet to come.

Bottoms Up Bagels is Popping up in Charm City

We’re super excited to announce that our next initiative, Bottoms Up Bagels, will launch in Waverly this month.

Everything (2)Hand made bagels, compound cream cheeses and home cured salmon are now popping up in Charm City. BUB will debut at the Waverly Holiday Pop Up Market as a part of Small Business Saturday on November 28th. The event will feature local artisans, crafters and makers in conjunction with the Waverly Farmers Market just in time for the holidays.

Visit Bottoms Up Bagels on Facebook or follow @bmorebagels on Twitter and Instagram for the latest!

Local Food Pop-Up

Combining our love of food, local vendors and Baltimore’s entrepreneurial spirit, we’re about to make s big announcement about Karmic Messenger’s next venture… just in time for the holidays. What are you hungry for?