Bad memories. Overplayed tracks. A world of music to discover. Fugue puts you in control of your music and your mood by temporarily forgetting the tunes you don’t want to hear. Then, when you are ready – on your time and your terms – Fugue lets you bring them back. Just. Like. That.

Fugue saves you from hitting “skip” or “dislike” over and over and lets you forget songs, artists and albums for as short or long as you want.


The Fugue mobile app is a music player that works with your Spotify Premium account so you can:
o View and listen to selected playlists
o Create filters to forget by Song, Artist or Album
o Forget music from “play”
o Determine why you want to forget
o Slide to revive forgotten music
o Multiple options for sorting filtered music
o Playback persistence when app is in the background

Fugue was born out of a need to give users control. Sometimes you don’t want to hear something at all. Sometimes you might just want a week off. You might need a break, but you don’t want to lose your music (or your memories) forever.

Listen to what you want to and forget what you don’t.
That’s it. No surprises.
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