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By listening to a woman lament the hours she spent deleting music that reminded her of her ex, I developed the idea for Fugue. What if there was a way to take out the unwanted surprises from just one aspect of your life? Would it make a difference? How about those ads that miss the mark? What if we could make those just a little more relevant by better understanding not just what you are forgetting, but why and for how long?

An entrepreneur with a research background, I founded Karmic Messenger to narrow the gap between what people want and what they often get. And so, it follows that we built Fugue to deliver control over your music in a way that other services don’t.

Fugue was originally created to disrupt the connection between music and memory and allow its users time to heal. After releasing Fugue, I’ve learned so much more about its benefits beyond avoiding music due to heartbreak or loss. I’ve seen too many people frustrated by repetition and off-target ads in their current music players.

Because I strongly believe in Fugue’s benefits, I’ve invested my own time, effort and money in bringing it to life. Now it’s time to build a community that can help Fugue be even more relevant and engaging.


July: Where it all began. Concept behind Fugue is born.

I signed up to share a huge beach house with a former co-worker and a dozen of her "closest friends", basically, people who could afford to chip in. During that trip, I sat down at the beach with a woman who was fresh out of a terrible breakup. Part of her story was all of the time and effort she spent ridding herself of music that reminded her of her ex. I left thinking about the connection of music and memory, and how no one should have to go through all that to start the healing process.


January: Music and Relationships questionnaire under way

Initially sent to friends and then leveraging the power of snowball sampling, this survey’s responses validated some of the underlying principals and thinking behind the app now known as Fugue.


September: The Wire(frame)

DJ Amnesia wireframe created, demonstrating the features that are now part of Fugue beta.

The wireframe’s utility was incredible. Now prospective designers and developers would have a better understanding of functionality and flow. Plus, it helped show them I was serious.


July: The Name Change

Working with an intellectual property consultant, we learn that moving forward with “DJ Amnesia” might lead to trademark issues. The app is given a new name, Fugue. Both a musical and psychological construct, and without the same trademarking issues, the name fits.

October: Fugue beta launches on the App Store


January: En route to an internet privacy speaker series

I discover that Fugue isn’t working. As the reason behind the fail was seen a mile away – and completely preventable – I ended our relationship with the developers at fault.

In total, this began a nine-month offline period during 2017 due to a lapse in
backend maintenance and the resulting transition to a new development team.

May: Fugue’s current developer is found, and the app is rebuilt and readied for release on the App Store.

September: From TM to ®

Fugue trademark is official

October: Fugue’s latest version

including new features – Time Selection, Notifications and Filters Screen with Time Remaining – is ready and available via the App Store.


January: Marketing Intern

We on-board our first Marketing Intern for the spring 2018 semester.

March: MD Tech Council Venture

Karmic Messenger accepted into MD Tech Council Venture Mentoring Service program

Karmic Messenger accepted into MD Tech Council Venture Mentoring Service program

Whether you’re trying to slow your friend’s “Descent into Sadness” or want to see how people have dealt with unwanted music “Through the Ages” Fugue’s got you.


January: Crowdfunding, Friends and Family Round

February: “When in doubt… Ask!” Putting our feedback loop to work.

During the crowdfunding process we sent out a two-question survey to see what additional info people wanted. Thanks for their answers, we learned that some folks didn’t understand what Fugue does and what it will do.

So off to the toy store we went! 

Using blocks, I explain how Fugue currently works (in 41 seconds):
Watch on Youtube

And now, upcoming features MusicSwap and Social Media Integration explained… with blocks, and in 54 seconds: Watch on YouTube

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