Baltimore Diners Survey

BDS fyler image

Thank YOU for being a part of the first ever diner-focused survey in Baltimore. What are the things that work for you when hitting your favorite places? What could you use less of, and what’s missing? We asked and you answered.

So what’s next? Before sharing the results with you, we’ve got some number crunching to do.

Here’s a taste of what we’re looking at:

  • What factors into whether or not you return to a restaurant?
  • Does a restaurant’s type impact how aware you are of its atmosphere (e.g. lighting, temperature, sound)?
  • What are the reasons why people don’t dine out in Baltimore?
  • How much does a restaurant’s use of social media influence where and/or when you dine out?
  • What can’t you get in Baltimore City that you wish you could?

Together, we can continue to shape the future of dining in Charm City.