Mobile Apps to Make Your Life Easier

In April we wrapped up three months of user testing on our soon to be released beta app. In the process we learned all kinds of things that confirmed our assumptions and took our concept in expanded directions. The result? A tool that works for you now and in the future, putting you in control of what you listen to, and when.

KM has also been researching new features and functionality that extend into other aspects of your life. Waiting for a restaurant table? Tracking your favorite locations for various services and activities?

Ultimately, we believe that you know best what you want. Not anyone else. Simple, yes. So why is it so difficult to deliver on that idea? We’ve seen lots of obstacle and distractions that make things harder than they need to be, and take you out of the center of the “solution.”

Let’s not focus on problems that don’t exist. We have enough that do. So why not start there?


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